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Why Are There Different Types of Pastels?

Pastels are some of the most commonly used drawing equipment which can be found in many different forms. There are many pastels which are good for certain types of work. The type you use heavily depends on the type of artwork you are going to create. Each pastel has its very own unique feature when it comes to finding the right type. In this article, we are going to be discussing some of the most common types of pastels and their uses.

Oil pastels

Oil Pastels are generally confused with soft pastels which is one of the most common types of pastels. This is one of those colours which every new learner has to perfect. Oil pastels are not crumbly rather are easy, soft and smudgy, which helps with the blend. Oil pastels are generally waxy and are some of the best when it comes to an understanding the right kind of colour which can allow one to get the right layers. Oil pastels have a distinct line which can seem rough, but with easy to smudge feature, it is important that you stay careful when finishing up with the painting.

Soft Pastels

Soft pastels are some of the soft, crumby and smudgy paints which can be challenging to learn as they can be very powdery and hard to control. They are especially best when you are laying the base colour down, which works exceptionally well for the background. Also, soft pastels are some colours which can leave a tint as they are basically loose pigments which can be rubber fr smaller areas. It is very effective, especially when you are trying to blend and create a cover which can keep the powdery pigment in its place.

Hard pastels

Hard pastels are harder to achieve a smooth picture as it is quite hard to get the pigment smoothly any surface. They are some of the most effective ones which will allow one to have the right kind of pigment which can allow one to get good mixture and blends. Hard pencils are something that people use with the mediums like charcoals, carbon pencils and pencils with the right base. Also, they are supposed to be purchased in a set as it is quite hard to find these colours individually.

Pastel pencils

As the name suggests, pastel pencils are some of the best pigments when you are looking for a controlled approach. One can easily make sure to blend the fine lines with the versatility of pastels and ease of a pencil. They are generally very broad and flat and have soft pastel pigments to them. They are a little tricky to use, but a good quality product will make sure that you stay updated.

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