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Crazy Slot Machine Superstitions that Need to Be Discarded

Slot Machine

The symbols and the jade figures cannot take you through the luck that you have been waiting to experience. You could be the person who believes in the superstitions linked to gambling. But do you think they apply to the games that you find in a live casino India ? Some believe that the power will bring them luck by infusing patterns into the game that works in their favor, while the others wait for the supremacy within those icons to save them from impending dangers at the game or the existing mental chaos. To what extent do the superstitions act in favor of the players is the question that has to be ruling out the crazy ideas that you have about gambling. These games have never proved to spin to fortune through the lucky chant on your lips. Here are a few superstitions that have led the game of slots, which need to be debunked for its absurdity.

1.     Pulling the Lever in Slots

The widely accepted superstition in the game of slots is that of the lever possessing a magical power over the spin button. As a result, many slot players take a chance on pulling the lever rather than pushing the spin button. While the belief goes this way, the truth is that both the actions nevertheless produce the same result. More thrust is applied on the shoulders as you keep pulling the lever, only leading to further trouble.

2.     Tapping the Glass as the Wheel Spins

What most of you might have done or come across is the superstitious practice of tapping the slot machine glass, hoping for the jackpot to come your way. When the machine has been programmed to spin in a certain way, no form of external forces will affect the outcome. All that will get affected by doing this would be your hands and mind.

3.     Shifting to Other Seats

How do you think getting seated on a different machine will bring you luck? Nothing about this superstition is a fact; all you end up doing will be making yourself look like a fool. By merely changing seat, the game will not take a sharp turn in your favor. Slots always function on the algorithm setup, which doesn’t change from one machine to other. All seats are comfy; no excessive pleasure comes with a new place.


4.     Invest Big When Winning Big

Yet another superstition that almost overthrows one of the major advice to playing slots. Setting limits to the bankroll is the tip that you most often come across when playing a casino game, especially slots. But many people firmly believe in the concept of making bigger bets when they are on the hot streak. Winning and losing aren’t manipulated; they most often come in random ways to crown you. So make sure not to act impulsively by putting more money into the game when you are on a winning streak.

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