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Connecticut Pastel Society

An art hub designed for painters and sketchers to gel up their imaginations for a big picture.

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We are a community of artists who are bringing together the joy of painting, sketching, and sculpting in one place. We have hundreds of projects that need the creative ideas of artists in order to make masterpieces.


Become a member today and start meeting the artists around you.


Attend art galleries and events with other artists and host your own event in no time.


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We exhibit in museums & galleries across Connecticut

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Here is what the present members have to say about their experience.
This is the place I always wanted to join as an artist.
William I. McQuay
Great place to learn more about art and different perspectives.
Joseph K. Erickson
I love spending time with other artists throughout the day as we work on projects.
Jon J. Fackler

The Connecticut Pastel Society was first established over 25 years ago by a group of pastel artists headed by Roy Schmid.

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What You Should Know Before You Choose a Casino Online

What You Should Know Before You Choose
a Casino Online
Before you choose a casino online, you should know a few things. Before you play, check the
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Game variety
One of the biggest appeals of playing casino games is their variety. This doesn’t mean that you
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RTP percentages
If you’re planning to play casino games online, you may be wondering if RTP percentages for
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Many online casinos offer players various types of bonuses to encourage them to sign up and
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Improve your casino playing experience online


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Is the Online Casino accessible in Your Locality?

Is the Online Casino accessible in Your Locality?

If you want to start play toto 4d Malaysia at the online casinos, then you need to get information about all the available sizes in your area. As you already know that some 3win2u trusted casino websites are accessible in only a few countries. If you want to find the most popular casino website in your area, then you have to check out a specific number of things. 

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Get a list of all the trusted casino websites

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How to paint/ draw fine details with Oil Pastels


Drawing with pastels are some of the most fun activities which can get you the characteristics of wax crayons and ease of acrylics. Oil pastels are some of the most difficult types of colours to master as they are very difficult to blend into one another. Finding the right material proper techniques can allow you to become a master oil pastel painter. Here are some of the tips which will allow getting better at fine details with the oil pastels.

Select the right paper

If you are wondering that you are not able to achieve the right blend, it must be your paper. There are many types of paper and finding the right one makes all the difference which can allow one to get smooth paper allowing one to get the right surface which will allow one to have the right texture where the pastel pigments stick.

Purchase pastels from trusted brands

The quality of your pastels itself is important to help achieve that beautiful; blend. Try to opt for the right quality competitive brand, which allows your art to speak. Think about the type of picture you are going to choose for and look the colours up to help you put together the right palette. Try to buy them from trusted online sources as well as look for the brand which will allow one to bring the right product for the desired result on your paper.

Be flexible

This is one of the most common mistake beginners make as they like to stick to only one type of pastels. Learn about the different types of pastels and ways you can make it work for you. There are soft and hard pastels which provide different finishes. Mix them both and try to be flexible, which is one of the best ways to bring out the best out of your painting.

Buy accessories

When you are trying to create a masterpiece jdl688 คาสิโนสด, it is important that you understand that tools can make it much easier than just using a pastel. But things like a kneaded eraser, tortillons, smudger and blending stumps to bring out the right texture Find the tools that you would love to use for the best end.

Start easy

Now that you have all your tools บาคาร่าออนไลน์สด, it is important that you start from the bottom, this will give you the right space allowing you to bring out the right ways to use these tools and accessories. Basics is one way where you can incorporate all of the elements of painting while bringing out the best out of each picture. Also, make sure that you progress towards complex when you feel confident.

Crazy Slot Machine Superstitions that Need to Be Discarded

Slot Machine

The symbols and the jade figures cannot take you through the luck that you have been waiting to experience. You could be the person who believes in the superstitions linked to gambling. But do you think they apply to the games that you find in a live casino India ? Some believe that the power will bring them luck by infusing patterns into the game that works in their favor, while the others wait for the supremacy within those icons to save them from impending dangers at the game or the existing mental chaos. To what extent do the superstitions act in favor of the players is the question that has to be ruling out the crazy ideas that you have about gambling. These games have never proved to spin to fortune through the lucky chant on your lips. Here are a few superstitions that have led the game of slots, which need to be debunked for its absurdity.

1.     Pulling the Lever in Slots

The widely accepted superstition in the game of slots is that of the lever possessing a magical power over the spin button. As a result, many slot players take a chance on pulling the lever rather than pushing the spin button. While the belief goes this way, the truth is that both the actions nevertheless produce the same result. More thrust is applied on the shoulders as you keep pulling the lever, only leading to further trouble.

2.     Tapping the Glass as the Wheel Spins

What most of you might have done or come across is the superstitious practice of tapping the slot machine glass, hoping for the jackpot to come your way. When the machine has been programmed to spin in a certain way, no form of external forces will affect the outcome. All that will get affected by doing this would be your hands and mind.

3.     Shifting to Other Seats

How do you think getting seated on a different machine will bring you luck? Nothing about this superstition is a fact; all you end up doing will be making yourself look like a fool. By merely changing seat, the game will not take a sharp turn in your favor. Slots always function on the algorithm setup, which doesn’t change from one machine to other. All seats are comfy; no excessive pleasure comes with a new place.


4.     Invest Big When Winning Big

Yet another superstition that almost overthrows one of the major advice to playing slots. Setting limits to the bankroll is the tip that you most often come across when playing a casino game, especially slots. But many people firmly believe in the concept of making bigger bets when they are on the hot streak. Winning and losing aren’t manipulated; they most often come in random ways to crown you. So make sure not to act impulsively by putting more money into the game when you are on a winning streak.

7 Benefits Of Online Gambling


Online gambling is a great way of enjoying all your casino games through your computer screens. Since the time casino games are available on the internet, many professional players have switched to online gaming rather visiting the casinos every time. Online casino games have their own benefits over live casinos which make them more popular among players.

Easy to access

Online casinos are easily accessible if you have an internet connection and a laptop. Today the casino websites have been optimized for mobile phones as well, which only improves its accessibility. You can play all kind of games anytime you want by simply login into an online casino website.

Great offers

Online casino indonesia offer free promotions and bonuses to their new players as they want to build their player base. The real casinos do not have to put this effort as they have no control over anyone’s will to come and play in their casinos every day. Online casinos, on the other hand, benefit from internet availability which makes them reach an international audience. You can enjoy the free benefits of these online casinos by registering yourself.


Online casinos are also convenient to use. They eliminate the hassle of driving to a casino and unnecessary social exposure. You can enjoy all your favourite casino games online without having to move out of your comfort zone. You can play from anywhere and get the same kind of experience like in the real casinos with other real players.

Game variety

Online casinos also offer plenty of games to choose from situs judi terpercaya. There are new games added to the platforms every month, and the list only grows bigger. You can spend your entire year play a new game every single day. This gives you enough options to pick your favourite games.

No Rules

There are no dress codes, table manners, or any such kind of restrictions on online casinos. You can the games in your pyjamas and watch a movie while playing. There are no extra rules on online casinos than the game rules. You have the freedom of playing how you like without being disturbed by any kind of security.

Live Gambling

Online casinos today have also introduced live gambling in which you will be playing with other players from around the world on a real table with a real dealer. You will be communicating with the dealer and other players through webcam and microphone. The game will go as usual with the only difference being the global table.

Game control

You also do not have to keep playing a single game just because you checked in. Online casinos offer thousands of game tables where you can switch anytime you want according to your comfort. If you do not like your opponents, you can simply move to another table with your winnings. You also do not have to wait for a game to get free like in the real casinos. You can play any games instantly with just a click.

Why Are There Different Types of Pastels?

Pastels are some of the most commonly used drawing equipment which can be found in many different forms. There are many pastels which are good for certain types of work. The type you use heavily depends on the type of artwork you are going to create. Each pastel has its very own unique feature when it comes to finding the right type. In this article, we are going to be discussing some of the most common types of pastels and their uses.

Oil pastels

Oil Pastels are generally confused with soft pastels which is one of the most common types of pastels. This is one of those colours which every new learner has to perfect. Oil pastels are not crumbly rather are easy, soft and smudgy, which helps with the blend. Oil pastels are generally waxy and are some of the best when it comes to an understanding the right kind of colour which can allow one to get the right layers. Oil pastels have a distinct line which can seem rough, but with easy to smudge feature, it is important that you stay careful when finishing up with the painting.

Soft Pastels

Soft pastels are some of the soft, crumby and smudgy paints which can be challenging to learn as they can be very powdery and hard to control. They are especially best when you are laying the base colour down, which works exceptionally well for the background. Also, soft pastels are some colours which can leave a tint as they are basically loose pigments which can be rubber fr smaller areas. It is very effective, especially when you are trying to blend and create a cover which can keep the powdery pigment in its place.

Hard pastels

Hard pastels are harder to achieve a smooth picture as it is quite hard to get the pigment smoothly any surface. They are some of the most effective ones which will allow one to have the right kind of pigment which can allow one to get good mixture and blends. Hard pencils are something that people use with the mediums like charcoals, carbon pencils and pencils with the right base. Also, they are supposed to be purchased in a set as it is quite hard to find these colours individually.

Pastel pencils

As the name suggests, pastel pencils are some of the best pigments when you are looking for a controlled approach. One can easily make sure to blend the fine lines with the versatility of pastels and ease of a pencil. They are generally very broad and flat and have soft pastel pigments to them. They are a little tricky to use, but a good quality product will make sure that you stay updated.

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