The Art Of Bodybuilding

The reasons why people go to the gym vary. The time spent and the effort put into lifting weights for building muscles and amassing strength determine the obvious results of a great big body perfectly shaped and amazingly contoured. Some consider the gym as their healthy place where they can burn excess carbohydrates while developing their physique as well. The gym can also be just a place to hang out and admire the resolve of bodybuilders who spend most of their day pumping steel and sweating it out. The outcome of serious bodybuilding is a graphic exhibition of conspicuously excellent discipline and fixated consistency.

An audience can only stare with mouths wide open when the contestants walk down the stage with their thighs, biceps, backs, abdominals and chest muscles screaming for freedom while an impending explosion of body tissues is set to leave everyone awed and speechless. These are the reactions when the world’s top bodybuilders parade, display and compete for supremacy and perfection. In the race of bodybuilding, no muscle must be left undeveloped.

One of the most popular bodybuilders is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Hollywood made him even more famous through the movie “Terminator”.  After a win as Mr. Olympia, it was easy for him to star in action films due to his impressive muscle and superb built.

He is most remembered as the “refrigerator man” after lifting a refrigerator to showcase his brute strength and power. Even if that stunt injured his knee, he still went out to astonish everybody by running away with two Mr. Olympia titles. Franco “Sardinian Man” Columbu is a name that weightlifters know very well.

From the year 2011 until 2014, Phil Health reigned supreme above all bodybuilders. Having kept the title Mr. Olympia for four successive years is indeed an impressive record. His triangular-shaped body, undersized midriff and enormous upper human limbs gave him the crowns in competitions.

Dexter Jackson, also known as “The Blade” finally cut through the judges’ approval and won Mr. Olympia in the year 2008 after years of not giving up and just pushing on with his unbelievable abdominal muscles, sharp cuts, unbeatable state of health and overall conditioning. Having been a top contender for several years, Dexter Jackson finally got top prize.

It can certainly be considered as an art. The time, sweat and pain needed to achieve such a physical state are serious undertakings. The passion, strictness and mastery of bodybuilding have reached such great levels that taking part in such a rigorous routine is entering into a world of artistic showcase.